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While this may have more of an impact on competitive play, this mechanic is only really used to square up against the leader’s final Pokemon. The gym leader will always Dynamax their last one, making it clear for when you should pop that ability. At that point, it looks really cool to watch giant Pokemon fight, but since you’re both fighting on equal ground stat wise, this whole section is just for show. When I finally made it to my first gym I was surprised and thankful that they had changed the formula a little bit.

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I wish there was more to do there because I would spend hours getting lost in the woods if I could. I’m no expert, but it feels like the dark lighting masks the poor textures that drag the game’s visuals down in most locations. For such a controversial title, Pokemon Sword and Shield are exceptionally ordinary. That’s not to say they’re bad or not worth your time, just that they’re identical to the wholly beloved titles before them.

Only during these leader battles can Pokemon super size for three turns. During that stretch, you’re given extra health and attack power.

I have no idea why Grookey and Sobble didn’t receive this same love on their moves. It kicks up a flaming pebble, bounces it around like a soccer ball, and sends it flying into an opponent. If every animation had the love and care of Pyro Ball, Sword and Shield would be a visual marvel. Unfortunately, most of the moves animations have been ripped straight from the 3DS games. Double kick still uses an orange foot that slaps against the enemy twice, multi-hits feel stiff, and elemental moves look largely unimpressive.

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With gyms, you have to figure out certain puzzles or meet a certain goal in order to progress to the gym leader. There are still battles you can fight with trainers in the gym, but just that small addition of puzzle elements really went a long way for me. Pokémon is a return to form while streamlining most UI, gameplay elements and adds a new open-world aspect that breathes new life into the series. As with most entries in the series you windows 10 pro have a choice between two games in which the only difference is that some Pokemon are exclusive to each title. Naturally, I wanted the exclusive and badass Wolf with a sword Pokemon Zecian, while my wife picked up Shield so we can trade Pokemon down the line.

I’ve already bought my “Rise of Skywalker” tickets, so that truth hardly impacted my enjoyment of the game. That said, if you’re someone searching for content that takes creative risks, you’d best look elsewhere. Rumors of Pokemon’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, but Sword and Shield’s failure to innovate expose long-standing issues with the series stagnant formula while creating a few of their own.

Even with the fist-pumping music in the background, what plays out from there is a fairly traditional battle. Hopefully you show up prepared with the right Pokemon to take advantage of a gym leader’s weaknesses. The one unique wrinkle here is the concept of Dynamaxing.

Pokemon Sword and Shield aren’t as breathtaking more creatively stylized Switch titles, but overall they’re a big step forward for the series. Their vibrancy brings certain Pokemon to life and adds an inherent joy to environments. Ballonlea, home to the Fairy-type gym, is without a doubt the most stunning location I’ve visited in the world of gaming this year. It looks like a town pulled straight from a Pokemon fairytale.


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