The Best Camping Lantern I Have Ever Used.

The Best Camping Lantern I Have Ever Used.

See how to make this amazing diy camping lantern. The beam diffusion is like no other lantern I’ve seen. It’s simple to make and budget friendly. If you like camping hacks this lantern is for you.
18650 Battery holder:
AA Battery holder:

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This is my all time favorite camping lantern I made this Lantern and so can you. It’s simple it’s cheap and it has the best beam diffusion I’ve ever seen on any camping lantern. The parts list for our camping lantern is pretty short. One of the things that we’ll need are a battery holder of some kind. you can use either a three AAA adapter like this one or I’m gonna use an 18650 battery adapter. an LED or LEDs I’ll be using three batteries so I’m gonna use LEDs. we’ll need a piece of aluminum for a heatsink you could get some flat bar from the hardware store just whatever you have laying around. we need some kind of a switch I want to use a dimmer switch so I ordered this PWM and last but certainly not least for our diffuser we’re going to use this chocolate icecream bucket. I know some of you right now you’re thinking “dude seriously”? but I’m telling you the beam will be spectacular. This is one of the best camping hacks I know.

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