Survival Frog Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern Reviews, solutions, tips, supplies, batteries

Survival Frog   Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern Reviews, solutions, tips, supplies, batteries

Survival Frog Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern Reviews, solutions, tips, supplies, batteries
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1Survival Frog – Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern Reviews, solutions, tips, supplies, batteries, instructions, Tricks, System
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Survival Frog – Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern Reviews PDF BOOK Guide Free Download Youtube Tips Trick , Does It’s Work or Scam ???
There have recently been a multitude of innovative preparedness products hitting the market and the Solar AIR Lantern is one of them.

Most any emergency generally ends up with the lights out. Ever get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and stub your toe navigating the darkness? Yeah – me too. Light is valuable and a redundant supply of multiple light sources should be a basic stored preparedness supply.

The Solar Air Lantern is a solar powered light source unique in that the body of it is blown up. Yeah – I said “blown up” – like a beach ball. This means the light will float. The 10 LED’s are surprisingly bright. On the bottom of the unit is a reflective surface to help spread the light out in all directions.

It is lightweight and when deflated is extremely compact. An integral handle is built in to the top and can be hung easily.

Features of Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern

This original solar lantern best suits you during camping. This will provide you with perfect lighting during an emergency without the need for a battery or a power source and fuel. All you need is little sunlight, inflate it and enjoy hours of powerful light. In this Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern review, we are here to let you know all the key features of Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern and how this serves as a backup at all times.

The powerful 10 white LEDs provide up to 75 lumens of bright light.

It is embedded with a 1000 mAh Lithium battery along with a battery level indicator.

It’s simple and user-friendly to operate. Shuts down quickly, just hold the power button for 2 seconds.

Charges up easily. All you need is just 7 hours of sunlight and lasts for 24 hours from then on.

This product is incredibly durable and works just as describes by the makers. I hope this Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern review has answered all your questions regarding this solar lantern. And yes, it is a must buy. It has the reputation of the brand survivor frog, which is one of the leading developers of survival gear. This Luci lights Costco serves great for survivors, camping and hiking enthusiasts or anybody wanting a real solution when it comes to power shut down.

It’s lightweight serves great advantage this easily portable. The product is versatile and lasts long, even after a single charge. It is completely solar dependent and does not require any power source. This Luci Survival Solar Air Lantern is compact and easily fits in your bag or even in your trouser pockets. It is a must-have in every survival kit. So why waiting for? Own one Luci pro for yourself immediately.

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