Stealth Camping AdventurešŸŒ“Stealth Bicycle Camping on Hill w Grabber Tarp~Camp Cooking~Wood Carvingā›ŗ

Stealth Camping AdventurešŸŒ“Stealth Bicycle Camping on Hill w Grabber Tarp~Camp Cooking~Wood Carvingā›ŗ

Stealth Camping Adventure…Join me on my 5 day journey onto the outer edge of the Sonoran Desert…Includes: Bikepacking Camping Adventure~Stealth Camping on Hill with a Grabber Tarp~Camp Cooking~Wood Carving

I got a chance to feel out the land a little and figured out little adjustments/modifications I need to do to my gear setup.

The mountain bike held up to the journey, though I didn’t put too much strain on the bike, because I had a pretty good idea of where I’d be going, where the nearest watering hole was, and I brought enough food to ease through the trip. You absolutely must pre-plan before you head out on a long camping trip like this. Google Earth comes in handy for this.

Other than a flat tire, this was a pretty smooth trip, the weather was nice, just a little windy. I think if I had better tires (these were lightweight and kinda old) I wouldn’t have gotten the flat. I also had Slime Tire Inserts inside and figured for sure they’d stop the Goathead thorns, they stopped a few, but not the 100 or so I ran over all at once. That’s why you gotta get out there so you know for sure!

More about Bugout Bikes and what you can do with them:
Pack a fold up bicycle in your car for emergencies.
While preppers have elaborate schemes to bug out with vehicles ranging from simple trucks, vans and ATVs to school buses and to even amphibious boats, these preppers often fail to prepare for an escape from their car, van, bus, truck or SUV. Ultimately, survival could just depend on a bug out bicycle. If you must abandon your home or place of work (or bug out directly from your vehicle), then it would be a good idea to make an alternate plan of escaping with a well equipped bike. You’ll need a bugout bike for leading out/detouring around roads should they be blocked with debris, traffic, flood or fire, or any other obstacles. Should you run out of power for your vehicle you could take your bug out bike out of the back of the cargo compartment, truck bed, rack, etc. and go. Or, should your car fail to start due to mechanical difficulties; or, something like an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) happen on earth and ALL cars fail, once again, grap your bike and start peddling.
The military has included bikes in their strategy, and you should as well. Jim Fitzpatrick makes the point about how a military cyclist can carry a bike over fences or around rugged terrain, push it through mud or sand, float it through water, and use it to transport heavy bulky loads. But bikes had a rocky start in gaining acceptance as a tool. Learn more to his approach of a military bicycle, in his book, “The Bicycle in Wartime.”
Having a bike ready to go is a nice utility to have in a bug out/evacuation situation. Maybe you’ve got a truck loaded out to get you to point A and to get deeper to point B, say on a secret trail, a bicycle is just what you need. The idea of an enduro or a Rokon motorcycle is just good, even Dave Canterbury bought himself an AWD (two wheel drive) Rokon to get around on his land. The problem for the common man is that unless you have fuel caches set up and preserved, you won’t find fuel out in the woods or deserts and when you’re out of gas the motorcycle renders useless. Although a motorcycle will go just about anywhere, carry more gear and supplies than a bicycle, and a motorcycle will get you to your bug out destination fast, no doubt about that. And a motorcycle will get even a person who’s out of shape to places because they can just ride and throttle their way to their bug out location.
So it all comes down to you determining what’s going to work for you in your plan and environment. Having a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle) is just another option to consider. Maybe you can fit one into your plan somewhere along the line.

In the video I mentioned the plants as probably being Wild Cucumber…after further research I’ve come to find out this was Jimson Weed, neither one you’d want to eat though.

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