Ragnarok Mobile Whitesmith NO RUNES One Shot ORCS Farming Guide

Ragnarok Mobile Whitesmith NO RUNES One Shot ORCS Farming Guide

Ragnarok Mobile Whitesmith NO RUNES One Shot ORCS Farming Guide

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Heres a guide for all the ragnarok mobile players looking for a whitesmith alt character farming guide. This one is special because you can farm efficiently without investing heavily in Runes and gold badges. Totally Zero Runes but 2-3M Zeny earning per 360 Stamina.

Note: I forgot to show this on the Video by I have one Memblatt card on the Doom Axe. I also have a marine sphere card on my Luna brooch but thats irrelevant on the build. I only have it there coz my creator main is using it before.

Hope you like my video.

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I also have several guides on how i farm on my alt character the equips that im wearing right now.

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Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love.

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