How To Survive Animal Attacks

How To Survive Animal Attacks

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“Power Drive”/Warner Chappell


“Driving Through Alpine Forest” by mikie11/Shutterstock

“Coyote viciously attacks camera in Georgia, slow motion, 1/2 natural speed” by DOTV/Shutterstock

“A mountain lion (cougar) feeds on a deer carcass in woodland den” by

“Duck and Cover” by

“A bear skips down a nature path and gets tackled by a skunk” by appleboxmedia/Shutterstock

“Happy bear, dances with fish” by DPS/Shutterstock

“A moose” by BMJ/Shutterstock


“Coyote-look-hunting-Virginia-ForestWander” by ForestWander/Wiki Creative Commons

“Coyote” by Amit Patel/Flickr Creative Commons

“Portrait of young man shouting loudly using megaphone” by Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock

“Puma Face” by Bas Lammers/Wiki Creative Commons

“Cougar Pounce” by Steve Jurvetson/Wiki Creative Commons

“Mountain Lion Habitat Warning Sign” by kmanohar/Flickr Creative Commons

“Cougar” by Bob Haarmans/Flickr creative Commons

“Boxing gloves isolated” by Tony El-Azzi/Shutterstock

“Darcia Brown Bear 00963” by Nevit Dilmen/Wiki Creative Commons

“Black Bear Large” by Mike Bender/Wiki Creative Commons

“Black Bear Woke up Snow” by ForestWander/Wiki Creative Commons

“GrizzlyBear55” by Bobibob/Wiki Creative Commons

“Bull Moose” by Denali National Park and Preserve/Wiki Creative Commons

“Bigbullmoose” by Wiki Creative Commons

“Opossum either dead or playing possum which is pretending to be dead” by Stacy Barnett

“Mother Nature 2” by Capture Queen/Wiki Creative Commons

“Cougar” by Volodymyr Burdiak/
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