How To Recognize Frequency Signatures. * Do You Know Your Baseline Frequency?

How To Recognize Frequency Signatures. * Do You Know Your Baseline Frequency?

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*South African Photographic Luxury Safari*

Meet & Greet upon arrival OR Tambo airport, Johannesburg.
All services of professional camp staff and guide while on safari in Kruger National Park.
Ground services provided by professional driver & guide throughout stay in Cape Town and the Garden Route.
Johannesburg, South Africa:
One night City Lodge, based on bed, breakfast, all taxes and fees.
Kruger National Park:
Three nights at Kapama private game reserve, based on:
*** Round trip transfers between Hoedspruit aiport and Kapama Southern Camp.
*** Three meals per day: full English breakfast, light luncheon and dinner in the open-air boma or thatched dining room.
*** Tea, coffee, cakes, pastries and afternoon teatime snacks, together with alcoholic and premium beverages.
*** Two game drives daily in open safari vehicles, accompanied by experienced rangers and expert Shangaan trackers.
Cape Town:
*** Private transfers from Cape Town airport to Commodore Hotel, Waterfront.
*** Four nights hotel stay, based on Bed and breakfast, taxes and fees.
*** All sightseeing tours per the itinerary.
The Garden Route:
*** Two nights hotel stay at Knysna Keys Protea Hotel, based on bed and breakfast.
*** One night stay at De Oude Meul, based on dinner, bed and breakfast.

US$3870.00 per person, inclusive based on double/twin sharing.

Online Brochure:

2 Nights

*** Round trip transfer from Victoria Falls airport to The Elephant Camp
*** 2 nights accommodation at the Elephant Camp, based on twin, sharing
*** All Meals and drinks.
*** Complimentary mini bars in the rooms
*** Meet the Ambassador Herd of elephant
*** Cocktails & Canapes at the Batoka Gorge
*** Game drives, birding & Nature walks on the Wild Horizons Wild Life Sanctuary
*** Village Tour
*** Guided tour of the Falls, excluding Rainforest Entry Fees
*** Lunch at the Lookout Cafe – including drinks
*** A Victoria Falls Canopy Tour
*** All taxes and fees.

US$ 600.00 per person inclusive, sharing

Online Brochure:

Advanced Matrix Decoding Course Series

Welcome to Project Free Humanity!

This comprehensive 5-week course will take you on a journey from Source Origins to our current timeline of Earthlings Incarnate. What is the Prime Directive? How do you dissolve the Inverted Matrix? How can you apply Advanced Spiritual Protection while Reverse
Engineering the Suppression Programming?
The technology of your soul will experience a complete reboot as you bring spirit to the forefront of your experience here and now.

Week 1: 2/23 @3pm
-Cognitive Dissonance-Sleepers
-Prime Directive
-5 Stages of Deprogramming
-Anunnaki/ Regressive Races
-History of Inverse Matrix/The Fall
-Luciferian Wars/Colonizing
-Soul Ownership-Birth Right vrs Born Right
-The Universal Law/Sovereignty
-Creator Source is ether/spirit/quintessence
-Spirit Access in Self.

Week 2: 3/1 @3pm
-Soul Technology
-DNA capping
-Matrix Inversion and Interfacing
-Heart Technology/Stargate
-Heart= Earth/Gaia
-Bloodlines (Hybrids/Reals/Primes/ Meccas)
-Frequency Signatures
-Everything is Coded
-Torus Fields (dielectric/Magnetic Merkabas) Null Point/Zero Point/Plane of Inertia
-Organic and Artificial Matrix
-Moon Satellite/Van Allen Belt
-Incarnation Trap-Karma Loop Cycles
-Plane of Bliss
-False White Light
-4D vrs 5D
-Chakra System/Kundalini Hack

Week 3: 3/22 @3pm
-Lucifer vrs. Satan/Light Prince vrs Dark Knight
-Mind/Memory Swipe
-Regressive Races-demons, minions=Greys(Zeta Reticuli) and Progressive Races
-Higher Selves/Authentic Guidance
-Why Channeling/Mediumship is Very Dangerous
-Soul Hacking/Alters/Fragments
-A.I. Mind Control/False Telepathy
-NPCs /Backdrops
-Negative Black Goo
-Why Spirit Is The Most Powerful/Unreplicable

Week 4: 3/29 @6pm
-Advanced Spiritual Protection
-Command Your Energetic Field/Bodies
-Loosh Harvesting
-Soul Harvesting
-Stealing Codes
-Effort to Create The AntiVerse
-Metatronic Death Star Technology
-Nanotechnology/F.E.A.R. Technology
-Sexual Body-Power/Protection/Hacks
-Agenda 21
-Death Culture
-Transhuman Agenda.
-Sexual Androgyny Agenda.

Week 5: 4/5 @6pm
-Advanced Spiritual Protection
-Integrate Light and Dark. Why Shadow Work is Imperative
-Integration of All Aspects/Always More to DisCover/ReMember
-Spell Casting/Sound and Frequency
-Your Will and Command/Revocation/Affirmations
-Reverse Engineering Timelines
-Law of Availability

Exchange Rate: $275 Series
Drop-in: $60


Intuitive Soul Advancement




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