Gas stove cooking in tent Carbon monoxide safe deadly? Wild camping. Cinematic drone video settings.

Gas stove cooking in tent Carbon monoxide safe deadly? Wild camping. Cinematic drone video settings.

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Day 2 In today’s Episode i talk about is it safe to cook in a tent with a Butane gas stove. A small amount of nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas, results from burning butane gas which represents a human health hazard from stoves. Tents only have sufficient ventilation for sleeping not cooking. Cooking in your tent increases condensation. This could make your tent damp, or worse, harmful carbon monoxide could build up. The Oxygen in your tent will be converted into carbon monoxide if the stove is on long enough it could remove enough Oxygen to kill you. it’s advisable the gas cylinders are kept outside of your tent. I would say only cook in your tent if you have no choice and a serious need to use it. I have been faint and dizzy on a few times in the 30+ years of wild camping using Butane gas in the tent. I do cook in the tent if i have no choice and keep the tent door open. I also talk about the perfect Cinematic video drone settings. So sit back make your self a big cup of coffee and enjoy the show.

Cherhill White Horse and Oldbury Hill Fort – Cherhill White horse was cut out of the hillside in 1780. Oldbury Hill Fort is a neolithic settlement
Cherhill village – Cherhill Gang was a notorious group of highway men who operated in the 18th century on the London to Bath main road (A4) which passes through the village – they were noted for their robbery technique of attacking the carriages of rich Londoners while completely naked, thus shocking passengers into handing over their money and also making it harder to identify them.

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