Epic Deep Freeze Solo Tarp Camping Got Dangerous!

Epic Deep Freeze Solo Tarp Camping Got Dangerous!

I don’t want any Boy Scouts or Newbie Campers freezing to death because of some ‘tip’ I gave them in one of my videos. So I went out with minimal equipment for a winter camping trip to make sure the advice I’d been offering was safe. When I saw it was supposed to rain hard before becoming a winter snowstorm, I took my Spring and Fall gear and headed out for a long weekend. And it turned into just that.

That’s the experience of Nature that we’re after, one man facing what She wants to throw at him, knowing its a great part of life to accept a challenge and perhaps suffer a bit as a consequence. That’s different than getting hammered by the weather or some other circumstance involuntarily. The choice to go out and try is the interesting part that brings us all together in anticipation of how it’ll go down. Things got a little dicey for awhile there. It was fun making this video and I’m happy with how it shows a genuine experience, so I’d like you to share it. Thanks.

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