Dev's Camp & Resort | Nr.Baroda | Activities | Swimming Pool | Rain Dance | Sneak Peek

Dev's Camp & Resort | Nr.Baroda | Activities | Swimming Pool | Rain Dance | Sneak Peek

Dev’s Camp & Resort | Nr.Baroda | Activities | Swimming Pool | Rain Dance | Sneak Peek

Dev’s Camp
Near Dev Dam
Dholikui Village, District Panchmahal
Pin-389360, Vadodara,Gujarat, India


Devs Eco Tourism Centre, located at Dholikui Panchmahal (spread over 15 acres and just about 35 to 40 kilometers, towards Ajwa lake, from Vadodara), offers various adventure activities, and much more! Situated near Dev Dam, Devs Camp is a joint initiative under PPP (public private partner-ship) module and it intends to promote eco-tourism and provide a means of livelihood and prosperity for the local tribals of Panchmahal. Gujarat’s very own Blue Mountains. Once you step out of the tents, there are no concrete jungles anywhere and no man-made structures in the vicinity for miles together. We have special provision and packages for schools as well as corporate and right from holding conferences to night stay for the entire family, one can be rest assured about getting what they want. The venue also offers the rare combination of adventure, education and activities like trekking and bushwalking, to name a few. So, this place has emerged as a hot favorite with people from all age groups.” He goes on to add, we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously and want to promote eco-friendly aqua adventure and give a boost to local tourism. We actively promote and support environment – friendly measures and have been try to promote sustainable eco-tourism. Apart from assuring that guest have great fun here we try to make people more sensitive towards nature.

We opted for a day package Breakfast to Hi-tea with included Activity – Tyre Tumbles, Zig Zag Plank Walk, Simple side walk, Cross plank walk, Swinging bridge, Speeder net, One side plank walk, Burma Bridge, Squire squabble, Eco Go Cart, Bush Trekking, Swimming pool, Rain Forest Rain bath with Mini DJ & ( first Time complimentary 2nd time chargeable)

Chargeable activities chargeable

1 .Walk in aviary – 50/- per person

2,.Dune Buggy – 150/- per person

3,Zip line , – 100/- per person

4.Wall Climbing – 50/- per person

Meals Timing

Break Fast – 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM ( 11, 00am breakfast closed )
Lunch – 1.30 PM to 2.30 PM
Hi- tea – 4.30 PM to 5.00 PM

Things to know while visiting

1. Package: – Flacon (Breakfast to Hi-tea)

2. 80kgs and above are not permitted for Zip Line and Climbing Wall for safety purpose.

3. Bring your own swimming costume for water activities.

3. on rent basis Swimming Costume subject to availability.

4. Please confirm Jain /Swaminarayan food one day prior to arrival.

5. Self Driving of Dune buggy is not permitted

6. Guest Name list& ID Proof provide us at the time of Check in

7. Payment dues must be paid at the time of check In.

8. Day Picnic guest will be not be permitted within garden area and Eco- go cart area (near admin office)

9. Cricket & football are strictly not permitted in the Camp.

10. Management will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any of personal belongings left unattended in the premises. Guest and visitors are held responsible for belongings and luggage all the times.

11. Early check-in and late check -out may be available on request with subject to availability and occupancy level on the day of arrival or departure respectively.

12. The Camp reserves the right to charge any individual causing willful damage to the property.

13. Zip Line shall be availed with subject to maintenance and weather conditions.

14. No refund shall be entertained for any kind of certain or an uncertain circumstance occurs.

15. All of the activities in the premises will be closed by 05:30.

All Activity subject to Availability

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