Culinary Boot Camp Day 3 | T is for Technique | Stella Culinary School (2018)

Culinary Boot Camp Day 3 | T is for Technique | Stella Culinary School (2018)

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00:00:00 Introduction to Cooking Techniques

Cooking technique matrix – How to choose a proper cooking technique
The Four Quadrants of cooking technique
Techniques discussed: braising, stewing, sous vide, roasting, smoking / BBQ, confit (oil poaching, boiling, simmering, steaming, poaching, baking, grilling, sautéing, stir frying, broiling)
The importance of understanding collagen in meat.
What is collagen?

00:10:45 – Introduction to Braising and the AP Stock

The ongoing all-purpose stocks for home cooks & chefs.
Making stock with left-over bones from dinner.
Q&A on making all-purpose stocks at home.
Why chicken is the perfect animal to practice.

00:24:55 – Traditional Braising & Stewing (Cooking Technique)

Braising, Pot Roasting & Stewing
Why it’s important to start your braise with cold stock.
Enzymatic reaction in meat and tenderness

00:44:00 – Q&A on Braising Technique

00:52:14 – Basic Approach to Making a Stew

The importance of keeping your vegetables and meat separate when making a stew.

00:54:49 – Atmospheric Pressure & Pressure Cookers

The science behind pressure cookers and why they work.
Why you shouldn’t vacuum pack hot meat when cooking sous vide.
Why pressure cookers can make flavorful stocks.

01:05:07 – Understanding the Steaming Process

Steam is a gas.
Dissolving collagen to get extra crispy skin.
Steam fried chicken.

01:14:27 – Slow Roasting

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