Campfire. How To Start A Raging Fire In The Rain And Keep It Going

Campfire. How To Start A Raging Fire In The Rain And Keep It Going

Keep the campfire lit and start a raging fire that defies the rain storm and hours of down pouring rain. Yes…I actually tried to do this once WITHOUT the critical ingredient I am about to show you.

From now on I will never be found camping again without a good supply of Heavy Duty Tin Foil. Just a roll of tin foil can work so many wonders for you while camping. Here is one of them.
If you have some dry wood or fire starter set aside…which you should do first thing when camping in monsoon rain weather in the desert mountains, then you can start the fire with that. Stage your tinder and small branches together in a bundle. (i.e pine needles and twigs together with bigger tinder).

Use an umbrella if you have one. Otherwise…just go straight to the tin foil. Put the tin foil over your bundle in the fire pit. Cover it well and tuck it in to keep it from blowing away. Start your fire underneath the cover of the tin foil. Get it cranking and get mid-size pieces of wood to add strategically.

We had most of our firewood getting wet (the big pieces) but once your medium sized fire is cranking, add your big wet pieces of wood. Add more tin foil as needed to cover the fire from the rain. The tin foil will eventually incinerate from the heat as it causes a convection oven effect.

Try to keep at least half of the fire pit covered up and drain away the water with a tin foil tee-pee or half tee-pee as you see in the video. You may need to add more tin foil if the fire burns away what you have…but that is a small price to pay for a cranking fire to sit around as soon as the rain stops.

Enjoy! Camping Tip of the day.
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