Bushcraft Winter Base Camp – Sloyd – Crooked Knife – Hook Knife – Axe – Outdoor Cooking Dutch Oven

Bushcraft Winter Base Camp – Sloyd – Crooked Knife – Hook Knife – Axe – Outdoor Cooking Dutch Oven

Back at this winter’s bushcraft hot tent base camp for some open fire cooking on my very well used dutch oven. A few videos back I broke my only wooden spoon, so it was about time for me to carve a new one and a ladle for cooking as well. Always great to use the knives I forged 3 years ago while filming the tipi diaries series for tasks like these.

Some of you have asked, why cook outside in the cold and not in the Nomad woodstove?

I love cooking in an open fire, nothing beats it for me. Food just tastes better. Don’t get me wrong I love cooking on the stove as well, specially when its snowing outside. I guess it also has to do with the long nights and short days at this time of the year. I just want to be as much as possible outside in the light, instead of cooped up inside a shelter. Plenty of time for that cozy stove warmth after sunset and when the coldest part of the day starts.

As you can see all the snow is gone. For now.. A heat wave coming from Portugal and Spain hit the Nordic countries and temperatures soared to +10 Celsius. Bizarre, but still a nice break from all the snow.

Lisa joined me later for dinner. She was a bit late, so yet again I could not resist a little taste. All in all, a very chilled and pleasant time at camp.

Video of the hooked knife I made a few years ago

Video of the crooked knife being made

New videos every week, thanks for watching!

– Ric







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Behind the scenes and trip shots:

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