BETTER THAN A JERRY CAN – My Favorite Fresh Water Storage And Tank Refill Method (Boondocking Tip)

BETTER THAN A JERRY CAN – My Favorite Fresh Water Storage And Tank Refill Method (Boondocking Tip)

Don’t run out of water while boondocking. You can refill your fresh water tank by pumping water in from water containers. You’ll see how easy it is in this video. Also, these collapsable water containers are the best I’ve used for carrying extra water. They fold up flat when empty taking up zero storage space.

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This is one of my favorite boondocking tips for extending your stay while boondocking.

Water is typically the first resource you’ll run out of while dry camping or boondocking. The fresh water tank in our RV is relatively small at 38 gallons compared to larger motorhomes. This lasts us about a week to 10 days if we agressively conserve water. Showers (washing hair especially) and flushing the toilet are our biggest water consumers.

Three of the collapsable water containers adds 15 more gallons to our capacity. In previousl years I kept one or two jerry cans around for extra water. This took up lots of unnecessary space after you emptied the containers out. This was totally unnecessary.

As needed I use the drill pump with my cordless drill to pump 5 gallons at a time into our fresh water tank (as demonstrated in the video).

Using this method to replentish our fresh water supply has been a game changer and has allowed us to stay out boondocking for two full weeks or so…maybe even longer if necessary.

I should point out that we keep our drinking water separate and don’t drink water from our tank. If you typically use a water filter, then you’d have to add that to the hose during fill up. Of course, it would take longer to pump the water in with the filter.

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